looking for an Asana Developer who can help with doing date wise reporting on asana tasks that have a certain custom field or tag

we are a clothing manufacturing company that use Asana to manage the various orders we receive. Are looking to improve our use of Asana for Critical Path management. So a key report we need is time taken for a task - based on options for filters using tags / custom fields.

Hi @Mandeep,

Before you build something yourself, I just want to make sure you’ve checked out Screenful to see if it might meet your needs - I’ve seen announcements from them that they track time spent by column/section and I believe also by custom field.

cc: @SamiLinnanvuo at Screenful

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I don’t usually use that forum to promote my product… but this time, I think our app can help you find the data you need, based on custom fields and tags.
So, take a look at https://bridge24.com/, that’s our app.
You can query by tags, and use advanced filters based on your custom fields.

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Thanks for your input Frederic, I will try bridge24 and get back to you soon. It would be extremely helpful to be able to quickly look up reports using fields and in formats other than what Asana deems appropriate.

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Thanks for the mention @Phil_Seeman !

@Mandeep Screenful can report lead & cycle times and how long tasks spend on any individual workflow state. You can see that for individual tasks and for any group of tasks. You can use section/board column as workflow states or any of you custom fields.

You can learn more at: Create advanced Timing screen report instantly with Screenful — Screenful

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Thank you