the one provided update didn't get email notification

In my profile, I have email notification for all the projects I have. However, when I provided status update on a project (click “Update Status”, fill out info and then post) the rest of team who were in Project roles got an automatic email but not me, the one who did the update. How to configure it so I can also get email update automatically? The reason is so I can just forward that update email to a mailing list. I am getting automatic email update for other project if it were not me who did the update and I checked for the project I did update the email notification was on. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @David_Zhou!

As far as I know you won‘t receive notifications for updates or comments you post.

Now if you need those you could set up an alias email in your inbox and add that to the projects you need for example.

Then you can set up a filter in your inbox for emails coming to this specific email address and the emails will be forwarded automatically to others.

More info and options are listed here.

Let me know in case that does not help.