Receive notifications about new tasks sent via email

We’re just starting to roll out Asana more widely and as such have a project set up to triage all project requests which are sent in via the project email address.
How can I get the system to alert me that a new task has been sent via email? At the moment, the only way I know is by keeping going to the project and looking for new tasks. Is there a way to auto assign these new tasks to me so that I get an alert that way?

Hi @Erin_Herbert, welcome to the Asana Communtiy Forum :wave:t2:

You can choose to be notified when new tasks are added in the Project notification section: Create project owners and manage members | Product guide • Asana

As long as you have email notifications turned on, you’ll receive an email :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath
I have all notifications turned on and am the project owner but I’m not getting notifications of tasks that are added via email, hence me starting this topic.
Any other ideas?

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