🏁 The number of tasks completed should not be a metric to measure success

During a recent session with a client, a top manager raised an issue from a manager on their team.

The manager in question was confused (and a bit worried) by the fact that in Asana, as a manager, he/she was delegating more tasks than actually completing them. So they were looking for a way to still show their work and how busy they were because the « Completed tasks by assignee » was shining a bad light upon them.

My answer was that I don’t believe the number of completed tasks should be a metric of success. Asana is just a tool, you should measure success the way you used to, before Asana came into the picture. Everyone has a different way of splitting their work (1 task versus an entire project), and some others, because of their position, are delegating a lot. The success should be measured based on the value delivered (number of bugs fixed, shops opened, revenue…) and not some completion metrics!

Do you agree?