✂️ The "eff" effect

I like to give cool names to my methods, just in case they stick and I become famous one day.

Today, let’s talk about the « eff » effect. Let’s say you are on your 34-inch wide screen and do some Asana. You create a « Herocorp 2021 Marketing Priority plan », a « Herocorp 2021 Marketing Initiatives » and « Herocorp 2021 Marketing Team meetings ». Everything looks crisp.

Then your colleague, on its 13-inch Macbook, opens their Asana. They now see 3 new projects: « Herocorp 2021 Marketin… », « Herocorp 2021 Marketin… » and « Herocorp 2021 Marketin… » . They just experienced the « eff » effect :grimacing:

Like any other software, Asana is able to run on any screen size. But it has to make compromise on what could be displayed on the screen. And very often, content is cut (it is called a text ellipsis in web development).

You don’t decide where the ellipsis goes, so the rule is simple: place the most important words first. The company name is usually useless, the year can go at the end, the words could be replaced by acronyms (Marketing becomes MKG) etc.

That rule applies to project name, custom field values, custom field names, task names…


This is SUCH A GOOD POINT. I’ve got a massive screen but some of my colleagues work on small Macs. They often complain they can’t see the project in full like I do. So in a way you should always “screen test” so see how the project is viewed on smaller screens.

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And as a rule of thumb put the most important words first :slight_smile:

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Or I think you mean:
Put the most important words first, as a rule of thumb. :rofl:


Does that change the meaning if written the other way around? :face_with_monocle::sweat_smile:

No, but it puts the most important words first. :grinning:

Good point :rofl: