The ability for custom fields to inherit parent task data!?

Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if I am creating a duplicate topic. I searched around the community forum and wasn’t able to find an answer to my question, nor anyone asking the question, for that matter.

We have a scenario where some parent tasks and corresponding subtasks have the same custom field applied to them. In theory, the custom field on the parent task and corresponding subtask should always contain matching numeric data (but are susceptible to human error causing misalignment as the data is manually entered). The custom field must be available on both the parent task and corresponding subtask, because in some instances, collaborators might only have permission to view the subtask and not the task.

Is there a way to have a subtask’s custom field data reflect the parent task’s custom field data, without manually entering in the information, if they both have that particular custom field applied to them?

I’m looking to improve both accuracy and efficiency in our Asana flow as we will have countless subtasks at scale.

As an example: if I add an id field to my parent task and this particular task’s id is "1", can I have corresponding subtask’s id fields automatically populate to "1" if they have an id field?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Daniel_Maddison and thank you for reaching out!

At this time, subtasks inherit the custom fields of their parent task’s project(s) but I’m afraid there isn’t a built feature to have a subtask’s custom field data to automatically reflect the parent task’s custom field data.

One workaround for this, could be to multi-select the task and its subtasks and edit the custom field in bulk from the list view. Please see screenshots attached:

I hope this helps in the meantime Daniel! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

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Hi @Natalia,

Thank you for this.

This workaround is an awesome time saver. Not exactly what I was after, but close enough that I’m a happy boy. Thank you very much.

Daniel Maddison

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Have there been any updates to this capability? It would be a major time save for the fields to be able to auto-populate fields (and eliminate the need for manual entry) based on the parent task.

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Hi @Dan_Nathan,

Our Flowsana integration has some capabilities in this area in its Variable Substitution feature which you can read about here. In particular, note the part about using {parent.[fieldname]} to pull data from a parent task into a subtask.

This is a game changer! Thanks for sharing Phil!
This is going to free up so much of my team’s time when we don’t have to manually enter the same info into the custom fields for subtasks!

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