Mass Change of Subtask Inheritance

So I’m pretty sure I am up a creek with this one, but posting here anyway with the prayer there is a way to fix this goof! I made a board for my team to help us with some of our weekly upload cadences. We upload for schedules for each building every week, so I created a task for each building that has 52 subtasks each. HOWEVER, I didn’t set any inheritance, and when I went to the dashboard to start making easy to track metrics, I realized none of my subtasks have some of the important custom fields that I wanted to be able to organize by…

Is there a way I can, en masse, change the inheritance of my subtasks to inherit one or more of the custom fields from the parent task? Image attached as an example of what my task looks like.

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Here is an existing feedback request thread regarding this topic

There are some things that can be accomplished via Flowsana like a user explained in this example.

Hi @Mason_McCoy,

You can make bulk changes to your subtasks in list view. Use the expander next to the parent task and then use Asana’s Bulk-Edit feature to update custom fields. Please notes that you can only update 50 tasks at once.

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