Sub task add from rules to auto populate some of the data from the main task


I need a help.

I have created a new hire form in Asana and from the form I set few rules to create few tasks and assign it to the respective dept, I need a help as some of the information is required from the field to few particular task so the assignee can complete the task without much involvement of HR here. Can you help me how can I proceed?
(basic fields like name, DOJ, etc)

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I have a meeting on Tuesday. Request your prompt assistance if available, thanks again.
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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Nisha_Jhunjhunwala :wave:

If you set up custom fields in the main task and you have all the info added there then in the subtask you can see them when clicking on “Show inherited fields”
More info on custom fields here.

Is that what you are looking for?

Additionally, this might help as well.

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Hi Andrea,

Thank you for writing.
I have tried that but that seem to doesn’t work. All the fields in the main task was auto-populated from the Asana Form and now when I create a rule to add sub-task, the fields are blank in the rule itself and when it gets automated. Nothing shows up. Few field information are required as they are very basic. I hope you understood the situation now?
Let me know your thoughts on this.

Thanks again!

Hello @Nisha_Jhunjhunwala can you check if your fields are added to the org library?

Can you further explain this please? Or can you share a screenshot (blur all confidential data)

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Yes sure. Please see attached screenshot when I create a subtask in the rule to certain fields. You can see only main tasks fields are been auto-populated towards right.
Also I tried adding the fields in the library, didn’t work. Screenshot attached for that as well.
Please tell me how to proceed. Thanks


Ah okay my message was referring when you open the task you can see all inherited fields.
In your case you would actually have to add the subtask to the project itself as well and fill out the custom fields, at this stage rules for subtasks are not available yet.

This might be a feedback request thread you wanna vote on.

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Yes, thank you for your help Andrea!

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Actually this one as well @Nisha_Jhunjhunwala: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project