1st Level Subtask Created by Rule Does Not Inherit Fields from Parent

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I have a rule set up to add a subtask when the parent task’s status is updated to a specific value, and to also add that subtask to a different project. Everything works as expected except that the new 1st level subtask created by the rule does not inherit any of the parent task fields either in the original project or carrying over to the multihomed project.

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Asana app, Chrome for Mac Version 116.0.5845.179 (Official Build) (arm64)

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@Leigh_Flynn – If I am understanding you correctly, this is expected behavior. Subtasks do not inherit fields from the parent task.

Hi @Leigh_Flynn ,
@Christine_Bolton is correct. This is not possible natively in Asana but I believe it is possible to achieve using 3rd party automations such as zapier.com or make.com

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