🥳 TGIF: Share your quaranTRICKs to stay productive

Hello Community, happy Friday!! :raised_hands:t4:

For this week’s TGIF, I would love to hear of your quaranTRICKs to stay motivated and productive!

For many of us working from home is a new experience we are still trying to get used to, while for others, it is just part of your regular routine. I believe we can all agree that staying productive can be challenging at times.

What has really helped me during these times are my virtual meetings with @marie and the rest of my Asana team :woman_technologist:. Staying connected and exchanging experiences with them inspires me to stay happy and motivated.

Please share and exchange the tricks and techniques that have helped you during these times! Especially the ones keeping you focused and productive with your kids :baby: or furry friends running around the house :cat2::poodle:! And feel free to delight us with some :camera_flash: and GIFs!

Let’s continue to support and motivate each other :green_heart: Looking forward to reading all of your quaranTRICKS! :slight_smile:

Stay safe everybody! :pray:t4:

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Oh, definitely getting outside for breaks! Syrah is enjoying all of the walks.

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My trick: in order to be super productive after the quarantine, take that time to improve processes and do a massive clean up of everything, whether it is asana, desk, house, clothes, emails…


I’ve been spending much of my time as @Bastien_Siebman described it. Being in quarantine has allowed for a much deeper cleaning this spring. The motivation behind that is knowing when life resets back to normal, things will likely move at a faster pace. By having many personal and professional affairs in order, it should help me stay conditioned for the race!

As far as ways to stay focused while working in an environment full of tiny and furry bosses… that’s a tough one. I haven’t cracked the code myself and would love to hear from others! One thing I have tried to do is understand THEIR routine. It’s merely impossible, but if there are windows in which less distractions are offered (nap time, early morning, etc) I’ll try to shift any work that is critical or requires more focus to that time. I’ve come to learn that when performing the less critical work that may or may not include phone/video calls with others, the distractions are expected. I want to be as respectful as possible and reduce any interruptions, but right now we are all facing the same… and people get that.

Bonus trick: if your coffee cup :coffee: is getting empty, teach your little humans to make it the way you like it! :wink:


What I do: Set plans for the week and pay attention to how much time I devote to each task on my plate each day.

Be a bit more ruthless on snoozing notifications on Slack / set Do Not Disturb in Asana when I need focus time, lock my phone in a drawer and take water-walking breaks!

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I try to keep true to 50 press-up every morning then top it up with a hot cup of tea. After this my mind and body is sharp and ready for the day’s work.