🥳 TGIF: What is your favourite moment of your quaROUTINE!

Thank you so much for participating in our last Friday Challenge! We loved all your creative and amazing home offices, your great views and your four paws mates above all! :heartpulse: :dog:

To cheer up to one more Friday staying at home I want to propose a new challenge: Share pictures that illustrate your favourite moment of your temporary routine?

My favourite momentS (lucky, right?) are: My Friday breakfasts, my traditional Uruguayan MATE (that I get to drink all day at all times), my afternoons in the sun - sitting in front of my bedroom window , and my evening board games - because I always win. :wink:

Looking forward to your pictures and remember: we are all in this together! :green_heart: :muscle:t5:


I think my favorite moment from my new #quaROUTINE is working with Syrah, my doggo, in various positions all over my apartment :joy: He also gets me outside for walks, which are lovely!


I’m actually loving my new morning exercise routine, which is me using my home TRX before work. Keeping to my morning workouts is giving me a sense of normalcy in a time when things are decidedly not normal.


We’ve made it to another Friday :tada: Here are some insights into my quaROUTINE, which is clearly dominated by food :yum:

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, and it took me a while but I’m finally getting into porridge! I’ve aslo stocked on my favorite coffee beans from Square Miles (adding the link here in case there are other coffee aficionados reading this post)!

I’ve also decided to get back into reading and to learn how to make sourdough bread!

Looking forward to seeing what your week looked like, in the meantime have a great weekend :house_with_garden: and stay safe :heart:


The biggest change in my quaROUTINE is being around my little monsters more during the day!

They’ll make frequent visits to the office as their always curious what I’m up to. Sometimes, they even teach me new things, like how to rock AirPods…


@Jerod_Hillard you have by miles the cutest teammate :heart:


What I’m enjoying most from my new quaROUTINE is taking care of my plants :seedling: and spending more time with my guinea pigs :hamster: :mouse: :computer: :heart:


@Emily_Roman I love the mini office SET !


We would love to see your favourite quaROUTINE moment @Wahid :wink:


@Marie - That bread is beautiful! :slight_smile:

My favorite quaROUTINE has been our neighbor opening the window every day at lunchtime and hosting a dance party from his apartment! :man_dancing:


Certainly the morning cuddles are delightful!


I can certainly understand why @Justin_Lewis! :green_heart:

Whatever the things I am doing in quarentine, I have found that now a days I work more that a typical office days. I am in love with remote work :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: