Temporary Team Members

Our company uses a number of freelancers throughout the year. They are sometimes long term, and sometimes short term.

While we can add them each individually as guests, it would be extremely helpful to us to have “planning” resource slots where we could plan out schedules, and assign them to dummy resource accounts without having to add every single freelance resource that we bring on.

I can do a work around by using Sections in a project as a “resource” line, but that doesn’t flow through to the workload page without actually assigning a resource to it.


I am not sure I understand. You want to plan their arrival in advance and basically have them invited automatically based on that schedule?


I actually don’t want to invite them at all. I just want to be able to add “empty resources” that I can use for planning.

For example, let’s say that I created 5 dummy email addresses. I could add those as members or guests to Asana, and then use those as my freelancer slots for schedule planning. Because we have so many resources in and out, getting people invited, onboarded, and using Asana is prohibitive. I just need to see the overall schedule and workload as it changes.

Basically, I need blank resource spots for planning that don’t require invites to people.

Does that make sense?

100%. You can use Several Asana accounts, one email address - YouTube to create dummy addresses.


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