How to collaborate on building ASANA with a company

I’m a service partner and I’m working with a company to build their ASANA workspace, templates, custom field, and general procedures.
I’ve been working on my Workspace with the main project group invited as a guest to work together on the main frame, and now I would like to work on theirs.
As an ASANA partner, how could I best enter their workspace, since as a guest I have limited functionalities? Do I have to aske them to buy me a seat and provide a mail address with thier domain? Sounds weird…
Thank you!

Hey Veronica,

If you are building for them then you will need them to create an email address for you - even if it is temporary. However a lot of partners do a train the trainer approach where the clients share their screen and you lead them through the builds.

Thank you Danielle,
I’ve being trying this approach but I prefer being part of the team as I can actually simulate real situations, by assigning tasks and work with them.
So there are no other options by having a temporary mail address, correct? Thanks!
Have a nice day

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Hi Veronica, sadly those are the only options :slight_smile: have a nice day too

Hi @Veronica_Baraldi , just note that temporary Asana accounts can be dangerous when it comes to creating rules with them. Once a rule creator is deprovisioned, then all Rules will be paused, and this could be disastrous.

I usually convince the client to either provide me with their credentials or better yet, sacrifice one of their Asana seat for a ‘bot’ user account (eg. which you can use to log in and build everything for them. The bot account will never need to be deprovisioned or deleted. :wink:


Thank you Richard, this is such a great advice!

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