Can Team Members Add Availability?



Hi everyone!

I’m a freelancer, co-ordinating a team of freelancers through my client’s Asana Premium. Is there a way for members to add their availability so I can do all my project scheduling in Asana?

Right now I often assign a task, only to find out that individual is not available that day…So I’m wondering if there was a way to avoid the back and forth. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can sign up for, the software I am building in my company :sweat_smile:
That being said, you have a vacation indicator in Asana but that only allows one date range, not good. I am not sure what you ask for is required inside Asana…


Hi Bastien, appreciate the potential solution, but I definitely need something more suited to the freelance environment, where people’s schedules are constantly changing week to week.


I second the request of this option.


I am moving this post to Product Feedback so people can vote on it!