Template Visibility?

Hello! I recently created a template for event planning in our organization. It’s currently setup as a project within a team that is public to the full organization; however, not everyone can see the template when creating a new project. Furthermore, only I have access to edit the template project (to ensure the process is as up to date as possible) – how can I add additional people to have that responsibility?

Hi @Jake_Frasier :wave:t3:

Can you confirm that they can’t see your template following this path? If there are a lot of project in your team, you might need to click on “Show more templates in xxx”

You can give “Edit rights” to your colleagues, simply access your template, click on the “Share button” at the top of your template. From there you’ll be able to set permissions for individuals or entire teams.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:


Fantastic - this is exactly what I needed!

Yes, that’s where folks were going. I’ll continue to experiment, however, to see if it was just a few individuals who weren’t able to see it. Theoretically anyone in the organization should be able to see it given it’s public status?

Thanks in advance!