Template projects.. I have users ticking off tasks on the project, anyway to stop this?

Hi all,

I have a project template that I use monthly.
It involves multiple team members.

The issue is, people keep ticking off tasks from the template.
I am the only user with edit privileges, but I understand assigned users can tick off tasks.

I know the clear solution would be to remove assignee’s, but it’s a project with over 70 tasks, and setting up the assignments every month would be counter productive.

Any solutions to this issue?

Thanks all,


There is a workaround for this, but unfortunately you can not lock the tasks for the template at this time. Tasks assigned in templates show in “My Tasks” like any other task.

My suggestion is to unassigned all tasks and create a custom field (single select dropdown field - I usually use roles) telling you who they should be assigned to. After the template is copied over make assignments using the project filter & bulk edit features in Asana.

Other users also complete all of the tasks in the template and then “uncomplete” the tasks once the template has been copied.



Thanks Christine, I’ll try what you suggested.

Would be good if Asana could class project templates differently in the future.

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Asana is definitely aware of this issue and the need to address it.


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