Team Task List Managing using QR codes

I lead a production volunteer team at my church and would like to turn the tear down checklists i have for each position digital in asana. I had the idea to use a QR code generator that links to the asana task and tape that to each station so all they have to do is scan the QR code and there pops up the list they can check off.

There are multiple services each week and i would love that once it gets checked off, it re opens for the next person to check off the subtasks.

The issue i am running into is if they don’t have the app or an account with asana and they scan the QR code that i created using QRCode Monkey linked to a task, it just takes them to a webpage that is asking them to download the app.

Hi @Nick_Clemetson,

The only way I can think, to get around this is to have each position’s list in their own project and use the public sharing link to create the QR code.

If they don’t have Asana or access to the tasks directly they won’t be able to view task details or interact with the tasks, but they will at least be able to see the list. In order to interact they need Asana.

Not sure how you’re doing this now, but you can use the multi-home function if you want to keep all of the tasks in one list as well, and if you are on the business tier you can create some rules in your main project to make this easy to execute.


Hey @Christine_Bolton,
Thank you for your reply! So if I am understanding correctly, even if I setup each list as its own project and use the public sharing link, they will only be able to view the task, not check it off?

It would be subtasks that they would check off

This is correct. In order to be able to check tasks off as complete you must have access to the task, which requires an Asana account.

You could always give them guest access to your workspace so that they can log in and check off the tasks.

Here’s a question.

I’ve been using Asana forever.

I want to create a QR code that is attached to a badge at an event.

When that badge is scanned I want it to bring up the task that has the name of the attendee, so I can check them off.

I would do this from my phone, in my tasks.

I would use this for bus loading so I knew who was there and who was not.

Could I create a project for each transfer and copy the task into multiple projects and each task would then have the same link?

My brain hurts on this task. What does anyone know?


If you need the task associated with the person to come up so you can check them off, yes. Each task has an individual URL that would allow you to create a QR code.

If you multi-home the task the task would be marked complete in each project it belongs to. Once you are ready to move on to the next list you would need to mark the task incomplete.