QR Codes direct to task links on phones

We now use asana for stock management and a subtask sits under a parent location task.
I have been trying to use a QR code generator to quick link to the location task.
This would mean that anybody could use a mobile devise to scan a location and instantly update the stock level.

Currently when i scan a QR code generated from the task link it opens in the web initially, then transfers this to the app, but seems to open my tasks rather than the specific task referenced.

I am using an android system.

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@Giles_Hugo - That is a very cool idea using QR Codes that way…

Unfortunately I am no way technical enough to understand why it isn’t working… Each Task has a unique url so in theory it should work…

Hopefully some of Gurus in the community will be able to help but will definitely be following this thread with interest.


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How are you generating the QR code? Are you able to see the actual URL that the code is going to?

I think somehow some part of the link is getting “lost in translation”, so to speak - because if it’s a valid task link and it’s being fed to the Android operating system to handle, it should go to the specific task in the Asana Android app (I just tested this to make 100% sure). So at the moment I would recommend focusing on the link itself as the problem source.

P.S. I agree with Jason - that’s a cool idea you have.


Your right, i had to clear my App store defaults since it kept taking me directly to the Asana App in the google app store, but once i removed defaults it does take me directly to the task.



Good to read @Giles_Hugo, but can you please share with the community the way (or the app) you use to create the QR?
Is it done manually for each task?

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Hi Seb,
yes for the moment i just am using the free https://www.qrcode-monkey.com for stock locations so that i can update a stock level as goods go on and off a shelf.

The next level would be for asana or an app to embrace the qc code directly (not via a webpage) and to be able to move a task to within another task.

i.e if i have a new component to put in a location i would like to scan the component (for a QR code) and then move this to the subtask of parent task i scan second.

The application for field engineers / retail / stock control / production rates etc are endless if this could be streamlined / automated.


Hi Phil,
Do you have any idea how i might export the URL for a number of tasks automatically?
This is the biggest stumbling block in my process since we are having to ‘create link’ and copy paste it each time to generate a QR code, whereas to import a database would be slick!

Sorry Phil, just found your solution posted here… Get task url?

It turns out the problem is that when you export a report CSV the last digit in the task ID is always ‘0’ in excel - the solution is to import into google sheets - as found here - Some Task IDs are incorrect on CSV Export

I did figure out a way to do it using Excel:

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yes i did -0 just moved everything onto google sheets - works seamlessly - from anywhere !! :wink:

Hi @Giles_Hugo,

I’ve been looking for solutions to manage stock and inventory through asana and I landed here. Your approach sounds great from the outline. Do you have a detailed blog on this somehwere which could help me understand in detail about the implementation?
If not, would you be able to help out or put something like a guide. It will be a great help to huamity :smiley: