QR Codes (task/project/Subtask on in-built Print Function

Hi all,

I’ve been printing Tasks and Sub-Tasks for a long time as an attempt to label our physical workloads we have to manage in Asana. For context, we’re a photography studio so a task may be a physical rail of clothes/box of products etc.

As well as ‘workload title’ and info we store in the custom fields of each ticket; we generate a QR codes that links to the specific project/task/sub task in Asana so that someone can quickly point their phone at a ‘workload’ and update subtasks and mange the workload digitally.

I looked for integrated solutions and have been using export to CSV and semi-automated label generation via google sheets for a long while but really believe that, as a digital product/workflow, it would be beneficial to any form of printed workflows to have the QR codes generate as part of the in-built print function. The QR codes only appearing next to the header for the task/project/sub task that was requested to be printed.

I feel that the printed format of an individual task needs significant work in general but that could be a personal preference so won’t go to deep into that.

Thanks for reading