How to create a daily checklist


Hi I would like to create a Daily Checklist for my team, where they can go in and sign their name once they complete each assignment in the checklist. One that refreshes and becomes a new checklist daily. I’d like for these checklists to be saved as well. Not sure where to start in making this in Asana, and wondering if I need to connect to another app?

Thank you!


Not having to do it this way is sort of the point of Asana. :slight_smile: “signing their name” happens when they mark a task complete - Asana will give you the task history with their name attached. Refreshing daily happens when you filter out complete tasks and only show the incomplete tasks. Saving happens when you export the checklist project with the entire history - which gives you a look back as long as you want. What parts of what you want are non-negotiable and what are you willing to be flexible enough to get to your end result?


Sounds like you are looking to create a Daily Operations style project.
My Suggestion would be to creat a project called “Daily Checklist”, then have a section for each of you me team members so you can easily see how they are doing with there daily tasks.
Then in each section create a Daily Recurring Tasks for each item you want on their daily checklist and assign it to that individual.
Then they will receive a new task each day for the checklist item which they then can action and complete.
You will be then able to see in the project anyone who has an outstanding tasks that is overdue. You can then use reporting on completed tasks to see and confirm what they have done to date.
Hope that helps…



I need an easy archive of the daily checklist - not separated into various tasks among many people. The point is to create a central location of daily tasks where the various members of the Front of House can input what they have finished so that tasks are not repeated and everyone knows what has been completed. This list of daily tasks would refresh each day.


I’d suggest creating a Daily Tasks [MM/DD/YYYY] project template. In the template, list all the tasks that need to be done with no assignee or due date. Set the view to show completed and incomplete tasks so others can see what’s been actioned already. Make a new project each morning using the project template. As people complete tasks, they add themselves as the assignee and mark the task complete. At the end of the day, archive the project. You’ll be able to refer back to the daily tasks when needed.