Team Permissions

Hi Folks. I am struggling with some permissioning.

I add people to a Team Called Active Customers if they need access to all the customers. Some folks (sales/cs) only get access to their BOB. I have made all the projects Public to the Team. (screenshots below)

Why are team members still commenting only on some of the projects? This didn’t use to work like this, and now I am so confused trying to get the flow to work how it used to.


That’s because your first screenshot shows “Can comment” for Active Customer and task collaborators; change from Can comment to Can edit.

More importantly, you have the Active Customer team as public to your org so anyone in your org can now see all projects in that team; you have this open, not locked down as you intend. Click the General tab in your second screenshot and change the team to Private.



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Thanks… I was turning things on and off and cleary missed one.

So if it’s set to private, will members in the team be able to see it?

Yes, team members will see all public projects in the team, regardless of whether they’re project members.

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