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So I create a Team for a new project. I’m a web designer and want to add my client as a team member. I understand how to do that but I don’t want them to edit all my tasks. How can I prevent this from happening. I would like them to be able to comment on different tasks and view everything, but no be able to comment on all tasks or erase items. Thank you.

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Hello @Ed_Muntz welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
You can set their permission for the project to comment only :slight_smile:

For more info see here: Comment-only projects • Asana

I don‘t think it is possible yet to allow them to only comment on a few tasks only within a project.

Then I would suggest to set up various projects within your team and tag the tasks that you want your clients to comment on to a specific project.

So you could have all your tasks in one project and then have the ones you want your clients to comment on added to a special project to which you give them comment access only


So, would this only help me if they are a member of my organization? This would be for an outside client with a gmail account. Also, is this a premium feature or free?

Thank you.

This works also for guest users. So you can just invite them to the relevant project with their gmail.

This is a premium feature.

And let’s say you need your client to be able to edit a specific task within the project he was added with comment only setting then you can assign them the task and this will give them access to work on that specific task only.


Okay. Thank you.

So with the free version, clients could accidentally delete items within your project board?

Yes as you would not be able to set their permission to comment only.

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