Team/project/task permissions question

I thought I understood this but apparently not.

I have a team called “Core Business” and I’ve added everyone to that team that needs to be in it. I also have a dozen projects that I intentionally only put myself in as a member so that everyone in the team didn’t get flooded with unnecessary inbox notifications while I created these projects.

When I was done, I changed the privacy of all those projects to “Public to the Core Business Team”.

So, now everyone on my team is able to see these. But I’m being told (specifically by mobile users) that they can only see, they cannot comment on tasks or add new tasks.

Is that how the permissions work? Am I going to need to go into each individual project and manually add in all of the team members so that they can comment?


See Project permissions | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and for each project specifically:

I’m thinking that in your case your value for Task collaborators is Can comment but should be defaulted to Can edit as in the image. You won’t need to add them as members explicitly.


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