Team Efficiency Reporting

I’m looking for a way to report on the efficiency of my team. There are a couple of things I need to be able to report on to show my team’s performance.

  1. On-time completion rate
    I need to be able to report how frequently my team is doing well, i.e. completing tasks on time.

  2. Frequency of timeline shifts
    I also need to be able to report on how frequently a task due date/timeline is pushed.

I’ve tried to create a report in Asana to find out my team’s on-time completion rate/number of tasks completed on-time but was unsuccessful. I looked into a couple of different extensions such as Velocity and Bridge24 but wasn’t able to figure out how to get the report I’m looking for.



While I can’t help with your second report (except maybe to use a custom field to track deadline shifts?), For the first, I use the export function and analyze the data in Excel to pretty quickly create a report on exactly what you’re looking for.

Hi Shanie,

it is true that you can not do the reports that you want directly in Bridge24, but there are a few steps that you can do to have access to the information you need.

For the first report, you can add in the grid the completed date and the due date.

Then, you can export that in excel and do a simply formula to get the difference between the 2 dates.

For the second report, you can use the task history view to track when a tasks’ date has been changed.

I know that it is not exactly what you want, but maybe that could help you for now :slight_smile:

Thanks, Emilie! This is helpful. Sounds silly but I’m not much of an analyst. What formula would you use in excel to calculate a team on-time completion rate?

Hi Shanie,

It is as simple as completed at - due date.

For exemple, in this case, you know that your team completed the task 2 days late. If the number is 0, than you know that your team completed the task on time.


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Thanks so much! This is what I did!

If anyone has a program that will do this automatically, I’d love to have it!

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@Shanie_Los_Fonseca the second report sounds a bit complicated. For the first one, the Screenful dashboard for Asana has it out-of-the-box:

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Thanks, Sami. This unfortunately doesn’t fit the type of projects I’m tracking. But thank you!