Reporting "On Time" Completion of Tasks

Hello! I am looking for a way to run a report on the number or percentage of tasks completed “on time.” I know how to do Advanced Searches to run reports, but I’m having trouble finding a way to see how many tasks are marked as complete before they become overdue.

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide!

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Hi @Kayla_Woodward!

This is a great question and you are right, you can use advance search to run a report on completed tasks where the completion date was before or on its due date. You can set ranges with those filters:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


@Kayla_Woodward, I think to accomplish this (comparing completion date to due date) you’d need to export your search to CSV (using Asana or Asana2Go) and use Google Sheets or Excel to do that comparison.


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@Kayla_Woodward Screenful dashboard for Asana can report it out-of-the-box.
Here’s an example dashboard displaying “Completed on time” and “Completed overdue” per each assignee: