Tasks - Showing completion-on-time/your team's work

I am getting a request to show completion-on-time percentages for my teams projects and tasks. Our projects we actually build out in tasks.

For example, we have a project named “Collateral Pieces” with different tasks like “High School Flyer” “Adult Brochure” etc! And we build out steps in sub tasks.

I am needing to provide insights that could help us track, measure and continuously improve as we dig into the reason for delays with my team’s projects.

What is everyone doing to show how you may have not met an original due date for a project? I have a lot of projects I work with in Asana so it would be great to be able to pull a report or set something in Asana.

Welcome any thoughts to show how much work your teams are plowing through!

Hey @Danielle_Wolf
have you ever set up Asana reports? I think they can be very helpful to set up various graphs to display what you would like to see.

In this thread there are some great suggestions as well (especially around your question of tasks completed whether they were overdue or on time): Reporting "On Time" Completion of Tasks
and Can is see "Completed time stamp" in search result or report?

Does that helps?

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