Tasks without Assignee or Project fall into the abyss

I think there is a “grand-fathering” in for Advanced Search for older users of the free version. Case in point, I have a personal Asana account that I created maybe two years ago and it has the Advanced Search featured fully available. I recently started a new job, created a new Asana profile, and went to use the Advanced Search and got the upgrade prompt, just like Jeremiah.

It was really disappointing to me to find that it is no longer available on the Free version. I liked how robust it was…and how enticing it made the paid versions. I suppose I’ll need to find another workflow.

Did some one figure out the best solution for free version in the end?

I spent hours looking for a solution, but settled on clicking on “All Items” under “Favourites”, this then showed me a full list, I just scrolled down hundreds of tasks and assigned any not assigned to mysself or colleagues.

I believe “the abyss” (also a great film by the way) is still present in the free version in 2022, but they show up at least in this section.

I also noticed that they only enter “the abyss” when they are a) not assigned and b) do not have a project associated with it.

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this is a similar issue to Why is assignee = null the default?
As far as I can tell, the issues with both use cases would be resolved if, rather than assignee = null, the default were changed to assignee = task creator. Would this help anyone else?