Tasks in Multiple projects within segments

I am working with many teams that have multiple projects. As I work in the HQ, I have access to all teams and projects.
In each project, there are tasks for the HQ, that I put in a separate project in the Team HQ. But, when I sort the tasks into sections in the HQ tasks project, the tag “HQ task” gets lost in the original project.

It takes hours to copy all the tasks and add the right projects again - I only need to copy all the projects of one team, put them into another team and be able to sort the different tasks in sections without loosing the projects their are in.

Can you help me?

Might be an issue with permissions :thinking: can you give an example with actual tasks name and team names, I am a bit lost

Sure, I can. I’m the admin and the owner of the workspace Startup SAFARI.

It is structured as the following:

Team: Startup SAFARI HQ
Project: Tasks HQ (and others, but they are not important here)

Team: Template SAFARI

  • First steps
  • Startup City Guide
  • Overall Planning
  • Website Topics
  • Host Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Event Operations

Team: SAFARI Astana
Projects: Duplicates of the project in the team “Template SAFARI”

Some of the tasks in the projects need to be also in the HQ tasks. To have a better overview in the HQ task (Project), I want to create sections with subtasks like:
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3

So I can work only in the project HQ tasks and don’t have to look through 8 projects in 30 teams (so 240 projects and more coming). The problem is:

When I sort the tasks in the project “HQ tasks”, the project name disappears in the original tasks in the team SAFARI Astana. Do you know what I mean?

So you have tasks multi-homed in two projects in two different teams, and when you sort them (by project?) the project name disappears? From where? Can you share a screenshot?

I’ll share screenshots step by step.
First, I have created the template project, that I copy for each new team with the corresponding projects.

I copy the project and put it in the new team:

Then I want to see the tasks in the project “HQ tasks” (I only want to work in this project in my team, not in all the other cities teams

I think I get it! What you refer to as “segment” is called a “section” and sections are not “attached” to a task. So a task in multiple projects (multi-homed) can be part of different sections in each project. A task section is not “carried over” to the other projects. Does that make sense?

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Then I want to sort the tasks in the HQ tasks project into subtasks

That is exactly what I want - that the sections are not carried over into the other project. But when I sort them into subtasks (same happens with sections) This happens:
(You don’t see the project name anymore with the tasks, but the section it is sorted in in the HQ tasks project

I can’t click the link :frowning: I don’t understand what this means “sort the tasks in the HQ tasks project into subtasks”

You want to sort the subtasks on the right?

No, I sorted the tasks from this screenshot Tasks in Multiple projects within segments - #7 by Lilith into the subtasks. So I want it exactly like it is here - but the problem is, the project “tag” does not appear in the (2.) project “Pune - First steps”

The latest task you opened (Onboarding): is it in both HQ Tasks and Prune? Is that why you expected to see the Prune “tag”?

Hi there, sorry, I couldn’t reply to you anymore yesterday because I could not make more replys than 19… Anyway, I tried to explain my problem in this screenshare video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Reviewed your video. I think you do want to multi-home. However, it is normal that when you go to a Project View (ex. HQ Tasks), that your project name tag and colour disappears. You’re already viewing the tasks for that project. Once you go to another view “My Tasks” you’ll see the tags again. I’m not sure I’ve answered your question, but i took a shot. I’m not completely sure exactly it is that you want to do even after viewing the video. Sorry :frowning:

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