Show Project Label on "My Tasks" View



On the “My Tasks” View, there is no way to quickly see what project a task is for within the default sorting mechanism. You have to click in the task to see the project, which is not efficient.

Would LOVE to see a project column or tag on each task within “My Task” so I could easily see which project a task is for. This would be extremely helpful for templated projects with the exact same tasks. My current workaround is having to label duplicated tasks with the name of the project, which takes a lot of time.


Hi Mandy, I’m able to see a preview of the name of the Project that each task is in. It’s in a grey “bubble” near the right side of the task.

Are you not able to see that?



Oh, I guess I do have those (whoops). But they’re not very helpful because you can’t read the whole thing - only the first so many characters. Would be way more helpful if it could be a custom field like on projects.