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Hi… I have several tasks under a section and then subtasks with their own due dates. I anticipate I will have more sections in the future and even different projects with their own task due dates and subtasks with their own due dates. Is there a way to set things up so you can see all tasks due, let’s say today, regardless of what project or sections they come from? Thank you in advance.

Hello @Siuberto_Socarras,
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Yes you could for example set up rules in every Asana project which would add every single task to another project which is your project to have an overview of all tasks and due dates. (You need to have at least Asana Premium to set up these rules)

Or you can use Advanced Search to filter all the projects you need and if all tasks or just incomplete tasks. Then save the search report and you can view all tasks and also switch to calendar view :slight_smile: ![Screenshot_1235|283x81] (upload://cZCBoKDFarKFXjTiy0CT5z5fUHJ.jpeg)

I hope this helps

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