Seeing a task by due date across all projects

Calendar views per task/not per project- is there a way to see a certain task due date across all projects?

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I’m sure sure if I understand what you mean, but if you use the Asana Search function you can see all tasks due across the organization in a calendar view. If you’re trying to narrow this down by tasks that meet certain conditions you can create a tag or add a custom field that has the criteria you need & then filter your search by that information.

If this doesn’t help, can you please add a bit more detail to what your use case is so that I/we can provide you with another option.

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I am going under the assumption that you have a task with a specific Due Date, like a specific event date and you want to see this task and its Due Date across all projects which might be in some ways affected by this date. If my assumption is incorrect, please, like Christine mentioned, add a bit more context and details to your question.

If my assumption is correct, you need to use the multi-homing feature, look at the paragraph „Prevent duplicate work by adding the same task to multiple projects“


The only thing with multi homing, I noticed is once completed, it reads that way all around in other projects.
We build a project per client. All our tasks are the same but have different due dates, but are similar with the durations in between, such as when one task is done we have 30 days to complete the next one, something automated to change the date for is - a different answer I’m looking for as well - but in this case we want to see a certain task across all projects. I believe Christine may have answered my question, with tagging or custom field and filter. I’ll try that and get back. Thanks!


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