Tasks by dates for Managers

I’m helping my company integrate Asana for our work.
One of the managers wants to see a clear report of all tasks by due date.
Projects are mostly permanent projects (such as Website Edits), and he wants to see in one place all the tasks in the projects he manages organized by due dates. Is is possible to create a dashboard or something like that? Does he have to filter view by due dates for each project?

Hi @Gaya
he has to use saved report, where he can create a search for all projects he’s interested in and filter the found tasks by due date.
It would be easier to have all of the projects he looking for grouped in the same team, then he could look for tasks/project in that team, and will the cover any projects that can be added upon time.

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How do i create a saved report?

Hi @Gaya

A report is an advanced search, which is a premium feature. If you have a premium account, just click on advanced search and, if you want to see everything, select ‘Tasks’ at the top, then ‘Search’ at the bottom. When you get the results, filter by due date, then select ‘Save Report’:


There are other filter options too. Once the report is saved, it appears in the Reports section in the sidebar. Every time you open it, it will refresh. You can then export the report to CSV if you want to do more filtering and analysis.

If you don’t have a premium account, you should wait for @lpb’s new Chrome extension, Asana2Go, which will help you accomplish the same thing.

Hope that helps.

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