Reporting Tool for Projects and Tasks with Dates/Timelines?

Hello everyone!

I’m in search of a reporting tool for Asana that can pull data (specifically dates and timelines) across projects and tasks. I’ve been combing through integrations for what feels like years and still can’t find anything that would work for our business. Pretty much all reporting (native and third-party) is focused on task quantity and status but not dates and schedules. Here’s the scope of what I need with added context:

  1. Reporting across projects and tasks: Due to limitations with Asana’s structure, we have “projects” set up as actual projects and others set up as tasks, but we need to be able to look at both types holistically.

  2. Data includes dates or data ranges: I have been unable to find any tools, including the ones native to Asana that can pull information on dates at a task level. Because of our use of projects and tasks, it’s so difficult to see where work overlaps, dates need to be changed, or what a master view of all open projects can look like at a given time.

Any knowledge here would be much appreciated! I’m definitely stumped.

Thank you!

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For 1. you could use a custom made automation that would create a task for each project that is not a task already, basically giving you the ability to use “task based reporting” for projects.

For 2. once each project is a task, maybe things will be easier? Especially if all seen in a single Timeline?

Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

For the automation, I’m assuming there’s no existing workflow for this — but any recommendations on which software to use would be much appreciated! I’m also curious if it would be possible to keep a project and task in sync with things like dates and completion status… not sure if you’re familiar, but I figured I’d ask!


I don’t believe there is an existing automation, I always custom them myself for us and our clients. And yes it would be in sync! You can email me ( to discuss details.

If anyone knows a tool doing it, feel free to suggest!

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Much appreciated, thank you!

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