Tasks are not cycling through to next date!!!!

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: We are having a lot of our tasks getting “stuck” between being completed and cycling through to the next date. The only way we have been able to stop it from happening is if we catch it right then and un check the completed button. We have between 3,000 and 4,000 tasks and there is no way we can keep track of them all in our head to make sure we aren’t missing any. It is seeming random and we keep finding lots of tasks stuck in this “in-between” zone. Looks like it started happening around August.

Steps to reproduce: Complete a task in Chrome, sometimes it doesn’t cycle through

Browser version: Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

Do you mean the tasks set to ‘Repeat’ daily, wouldn’t re-create on their own when you mark them complete?

Daily, weekly, monthly, it varies per task. All of our tasks are set to repeat at some point.

Hi @Isabella_Neuzil, sorry for the trouble here! For a task to duplicate automatically with a new due date, it needs to be set to repeat. In order to investigate this further, could you please contact our support team and provide this information?

  • One or two example tasks that are set to repeat but when you mark them complete a new task is not created
  • URL of this thread so you don’t need to repeat everything

Unfortunately I don’t have the tools in the forum to have a closer look at your task setup and try to reproduce this issue.

I hope the issue is solved soon!

I am not sure what is happening but you might be referring to what I call the “recurring hell”. It happens when a recurring task has recurring subtasks… Is that the case?

I don’t believe so, we don’t have any subtasks, it’s just some of our tasks are not repeating. They are all set up to repeat, but when you complete it they don’t come back with the next date. They just disappear and the only way to find them is if you search for them and “uncomplete” them. Then it will usually work fine after that and will cycle through to the next dates.

Hi, all of our tasks are set to repeat. So that is not the issue here.

I reached out to the support team on 11/17 and again on 11/20 and I still have not heard back. I did include a picture of a task that has done this. I’ll try reaching out again today, thanks!

Can you share a screenshot of the task (and anonymized what needs to be)?

This is a weekly task that repeats each Wednesday, but it stopped repeating after October 7th. We found it by using the search bar last week and it was still set up to repeat, but it was marked as completed and there was no task for October 14th. I tried to duplicate the task and it went to November 4th which is not the next date (it should’ve been October 14th), the repeat symbol turned red, and the task was still marked as completed. Once we un-checked the completed box we were able to use the task normally again.

That is very weird indeed…

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