Tasks are no longer automatically moving to 'Today'

Yep I’ve come here to find out whether this was just our users experiencing this - has happened for the last few days.

Yup, can confirm we are having the same issue here :frowning:

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Support service confirmed they know about this bug and are fixing it.
As for me, it stopped reproducing in my account yesterday. So I hope that now it’s already fixed.

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Sorry about this! Glad to know the team is aware and this is being fixed.

This happened one day, only to some of my tasks - haven’t noticed it happening since :thinking: :grinning:

Thanks for checking, I’ve marked as solved for now =) glad to see it was just a bug!

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That is scary, since Asana tasks are pretty much critical in many cases. I did notice that this happens sometimes when you change the due date from today the today view to later.

I have the same issue.

I am also having this issue. Tasks are not auto-promoting at all.

I have this same issue (2 years later). Is this not yet fixed?

I have the same issue.

Same issue here. How about an update from Asana’s team?

I have this same issue. It is very confusing since I use due dates a lot. It has been started happening some day last week.

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Hi @Dawid_Wrzosek and welcome to the forum!

You are probably seeing the result of the updated My Tasks that Asana is just now rolling out. In lieu of the built-in auto-promotion, you can now create your own rules to define your own customized auto-promotion behavior.

For more on this new My Tasks, see:

I also recommend you read this article for additional help:


Same issue here. Also shortcuts to move between sections not working (tab-y, tab-u, tab-l).

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I’ve been having the same frustrations, but it looks like @Phil_Seeman covered this in the Medium post he linked to earlier. Because My Tasks is just another board, you will need to use the Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Up and Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Down shortcuts to move tasks between Today/Upcoming/Later.

You can also see his post for how to manually set rules for moving tasks 1-week out and 1-day out: https://medium.com/asana-consulting-trilogi-solutions/your-simple-or-advanced-strategy-for-asanas-updated-my-tasks-8e45e304fc3a

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Thanks, @tedyonomi - but to give credit where it’s due, that post was written by Larry Berger (@lpb), not me.

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To clear up the confusion: Phil is the smart one, and I’m the one who wrote that Medium post.



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