Task with Recurrence to Repeat Daily has issues with being completed early, when recurring more than once in a day



We noticed an issue when creating a new task that is set to be completed daily, and recurring upon completion. (*this is separate from the use of Periodic X 1 day)

I have tested with another user at our Company, creating a task that is due Today, then completing the task. The Recurring feature then creates a New Task Due tomorrow. Where the issue occurs is that if I complete the task that is due tomorrow, today, the task then creates a duplicate task that is due Tomorrow, instead of the day after. See the testing below.

Even though I have tested this process by completing the task the 3rd time, the task shows up as Due Tomorrow.

It is as if the task is recurring based on the Completion date and I think that would be wrong.

If the logic in your Coding allows a user to create a Task that Recurs weekly (we tested this), monthly, annually; and when those tasks are completed early, they still create the next recurring or even the subsequent task based on the completed due date and not the completion date.

It can also be noted that you do have the Periodic function, which allows a user to create recurring tasks that will generate new task based on the completion date. Which you can do for a 1 day period. So if I wanted to have multiple task that auto-generate with a due date of tomorrow, I could configure that with this setting.

It’s a small issue to us, but in testing other use cases as get ready to use Asana more in our company, it came up as potential long term problem for our user base.

I’ve reviewed the community pages and did not quickly see this. Has anyone else reported this similar issue? Am I right, is this a Software Issue?