Task Templates - to auto-add sub-tasks

How we use Asana
Our customer success team uses a project board in list view for tracking customer actions and initiatives. Each customer has their own project board where we store all tasks associated with that customer. We use custom fields for priority and progress, rules for automating repeatable actions, comments for providing updates on tasks, and more.

The problem & suggested solution
Many of our tasks tend to follow a pattern in that they consist of similar sub-tasks (ie. schedule workshop, send agenda, complete prereqs, write up report, etc.), so being able to have task templates that include the repeatable sub-tasks would not only save us time, but would eliminate human error. As it stands, steps are easily missed/forgotten because the sub-tasks have to be manually added; or the sub-tasks feature isn’t used at all because it’s too much manual effort for such a repeatable list of actions.

What we’ve tried:
We have tried many workarounds such as creating a separate project board purely for templates and duplicating a pre-made task with all relevant sub-tasks; but although this means things aren’t missed, it requires people to remember to put it in the right customer list and remove it from the template project board to avoid confusion. We’ve also tried using rules, but these do not work with sub-tasks. Alternatively, we’ve also stored a basic list in another tool (ie. Google Doc or Sheet) and just copy/pasted each time. None of which are great solutions for this frustrating, yet similar issue.

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