Task Templates for externals or guests

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Question. Curious how you are dealing with this.

I have a task template which we want to share outside of the project it’s connected to and even outside of our company.

How do you manage task templates and people wanting to check them out?

Guest accounts

If you don’t want the externals to see the project they are in, you can add them to a bundle. This allows you to add the bundle (and the included task templates) to several projects.

This means you can maintain them in a central place, and keep the task templates in all projects up to date just by editing the bundle.

Create a separate team and project for the guests and they can check-out and use the task templates.

Does this solve your problem?

Thanks, this helps us a lot.
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Glad to help!

I marked my response as the solution, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.