Task Template-Question

I am hoping I can make a template for a task to remind me of upcoming observations that lists a lot of subtasks with different due dates, and having it set up so the dates automatically calculate based on when the observation is, so then we can just duplicate the tasks and plug in new dates.

To do this, would I create a task template and then use rules or is there a better way to do this?

@Taylor_Leatherwood, I’m struggling to understand exactly what you’re trying to do. Could you give one or two examples of specifically what you need to accomplish; maybe I can understand better by example than by description?




Subtasks- 13 subtasks with 13 different dates to be completed

Wanting this to be a template to use because each observation will be different. Therefore, if I use the template to create the new observation, is there a way for the subtask due dates to automatically populate based on the date of the observation.

If I put the observation for 7/15 and then subtask says ‘confirm session details- two weeks before observation’

Is there a way for the subtask two weeks before observation to automatically place that date for me?