Task Template in Pre-Existing Tasks

Love the new task template function in Asana. However, it’d be really great to flesh out already created tasks with the info from a task template. Here’s my workflow: I get submissions via an Asana form and need to flesh out the same set of subtasks depending on the category of work requested. So it’d help cut out a lot of admin work if I could select a specific task template and those pre-populated subtasks generate in said task.


I am not sure this feature will ever exist, just like project templates can’t be applied to existing projects. However there is a solution around automation, and in your case Flowsana to the rescue, see The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier & Flowsana for details
cc @Phil_Seeman


Oh wow! TIL about Flowsana. I’ll definitely check that out and see what Zapier automations I can make. Thanks!