Task Pane - Make adding Subtasks/Subsections more discoverable and consistent with adding Tasks

Instead of just + Add subtask : This should be a control like:
(but change “Task” to “Subtask” and change “Section” to “Subsection”) so you can easily add a subtask or subsection (and milestone eventually) and be reminded of the shortcuts. Maybe include both at top and bottom of Subtasks list if more than a few subtasks present.




We are using Citrix desktop win and the shortcut does not seem to work in Citrix.
When we want to create a section in a sub-task there is no option in the menu which means we have to exit Citrix and open Asana in MAC OS to create the sections.

Is there another way or could we get the add section option selectable in a task?
I’m thinking the exact same way as you can do it in the list view?

Hello everyone :wave:t3:

Just a quick note to let you know we’re making some changes to Sections. Until very recently, you could create a Section by simply adding a semi-colon at the end of your task title or using the “Add Section” Menu; you can now do it by simply using the “Tab+N” shortcut :slight_smile: More info in the following article: https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/sections

You might be wondering why we’re making this change? Well, let me give you a little bit of context! We’re currently working on implementing Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) ; and in order to make this possible, we needed to make some structural updates and adjust our Section features. If you’re interested in learning all the technical details behind this, have a look at this post from my colleague @Matt_Bramlage.

And as always, feel free to post below any question or feedback you may have :slight_smile:


@Finn_Stenberg and @Natalia or @Marie,

I think this is a duplicate request of:



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Yes I guess admin can merge them!


Thank you @Finn_Stenberg for sharing your feedback with us! And thank you @lpb for flagging! I’ve gone ahead and merged them :slight_smile:

Have a great Friday!

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