How to add a Section inside a task

When you create a task you can easily add subtasks inside it but I do not find an easy way to add “Sections” inside the task. Is easy to create a section in the main dashboard (just clicking “add section”) or on a project but not inside a task. Any tips?

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The trick is: Just type a “:” as the last character of your subtask name! This is not very discoverable, though it is documented with the shortcut keys. The same trick works with tasks too; it’s often faster than clicking the Add Section button once you get in the habit.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software


@lpb good job , thank you . this is also I want


Using the “:” does not work in Asana for me. It just ads a : and does not make the task a section. I’ve seen this work in videos, but I assume they have changed something and it no longer works.

How can we do this?


Here is the trick that worked for me.

Move focus to the subtask area. I did this by creating a subtask, selecting it. Then enter TAB+N , and you will get a new section.