Task names- auto generate

Problem- We have a calender view that is generated from a report looking at all the project tasks with an “On Set” tag. We need to view the dates the task is assigned to AND to see the project the task is on. Because of this we copy/paste the project name to the beginning of every task name.
i.e. BR04_Dining Photographer or BR04_Anniversary Sale Photographer

Question- Is there a way to generate the project name into the beginning of the task name? Or what is the best way to go about solving this? fyi - we separated the onset tasks out by team since each team needs their own calendar to view who’s assigned

Hi @Sarah_Farnsworth1 and welcome to the forum!

You can do this using Zapier. Let me know if you’e not familiar with it or you need more info.

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Thank you for the welcome and the info! I know of Zapier by name but i’m not familiar with it. I’ll look into it and if I have any questions i’ll message you.

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