Task links opening in browser, not app, just to redirect

I’d like to re-open, the re-opened case below.

I’ve selected “try to open links in app” but every time I open a link from, say my calender, my computer first open a new link in Firefox, that redirects to the app. I don’t have to click anything byt I end up with a lot of tabs…

Any solution to this?


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Oh, btw, the specs: MBA M1, Ventura 13.0.1, Firefox 109.0.1 (64)

I share this frustration - I am sure they are looking into a way to open within the app. At least the links open (would be a bigger issue if they didn’t at all!)

Not only was it never addressed, I seem to have an even weirder problem these days, where every Asana link now opens in the web app in my browser, but not correctly. Instead of taking me to the linked card, it just takes me to the parent project. Super annoying!

Hello, I’m Max and I’m taking care of my team’s need regarding productivity tools! I have this problem as well.

I wan’t to create quick links on my department’s SharePoint sites so that my team can launch the Asana app from there.

I read about “Uniform Resource Identifier” but I’m not sure to understand.

Would this be a potential solution?