"View in Asana" Link in email opening in web browser, not desktop app


When I get an Asana email notification that someone has commented on a task or similar, there is a link named “View in Asana”. When I click the link it opens Asana in my web browser instead of the Desktop App (which is already open). How do I change this function to open in the App instead of a web browser?

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Have a look here:

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your reply. I saw this post you attached, however, this setting does not appear on any instance of Asana I have access to via the Desktop App or Browser.


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Hm I see that is a bit strange because it was rolled out last year.

Can you please try the troubleshooting steps to see if any of these help resolve this?

Hi Andrea,

I have completed all the troubleshooting steps and that setting still does not appear. I know, from previous forum posts, that this issue has not been resolved for others in the past. In fact, the Automatic Closure of Forum Topics is what causes this issue to hit a road-block and never be resolved. A simple forum search will show that all other attempts to correct this issue has been subverted by the idiotic Forum Rule to automatically close topics after a certain day, regardless of the conversations content and timeline.

It would be great if this simple issue could be resolved, as it creates a fairly annoying problem for my team and I - to the point where we are looking for an Asana replacement if this cannot be resolved.


Not to mention, this topic is showing up as, “Solved”, which it obviously is not.

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Hello @anon42510763
I recommend reaching out to support directly as they have more tools available to look into your account directly.

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