Task Details > 'Convert task to template' - add it to the 'Convert to' menu

In the recent update to the task’s details ... menu, there seems to be a missed opportunity regarding the ‘Convert task to template’ feature. I feel it would make more sense for this to be added to the existing ‘Convert to’ menu, along with Subtask and Project.


Seems like a normal things to do indeed.

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I was just thinking this function just has to be there but I can’t find it. Completely agree it needs to be added. Have you discovered a work around?

Hi @Tiffany_Simms_Hinkso , welcome to the forum :wave:

Are you saying that you cannot see ‘Convert task to template’ as an option from the task details overflow ... menu, as per my screenshot? (not the red sketch, that was just my proposal to place it under the ‘Convert to’ sub-menu).

I’m asking because I reported this was missing from the ... menu a few months ago, here. Are you experiencing the same?

It was apparently a bug that was rectified as confirmed here, but if you are experiencing it, let me know and I can open that bug report again.