Trying to save a Task as a Template

I am trying to save a Task as a Template but when I click on the 3 dots I only see Project and SubTask…FYI, I have no templates saved on this project. Thanks in advance!

Welcome, @Rick_Melnyck,

First, are you clicking the “. . .” menu in the task detail pane, here?:

You may not see the “Convert task to template” option shown above if:

  • You are not on a paid Asana plan
  • You are a Guest, not a Member; that is, if your login email domain name does not match the org’s domain name.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the reply Larry! We are on a Asana business plan and I am a member…

And yes to your first question…

@Rick_Melnyck, I imagine you have edit access to the project, but in case you have Comment-only access to the project, that would explain it.

Since I can’t reproduce your problem, I recommend you email after verifying the troubleshooting steps at Asana supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. I hope you get better help there (!) and it would be great if you report back here what happened.



Will do Larry and thanks again!

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