Tags Not Showing Text On My Board

Hello, I am trying to set tags for tasks on a board that I manage, but I have noticed that they look different from the other boards in our organization. The other boards (as pictured on the right in my image) are descriptive and show both the text and color in the little bubble. When I try to set a tag on my board however (shown on the left), it just places them as a little tag icon and you have to hover over it to see the name of the tag.

Am I doing something wrong? How do I get the tags to display the text instead of showing that little icon? Thanks!


Hi @Steve_Rakar , welcome to the forum :wave:

The task on the left is using a tag while the task on the right is using a custom field. You can add these fields from the Customize button in the upper right corner of your board.

And as a tip, always search from your custom field library BEFORE creating a new one. Perhaps a colleague has already created what you are looking for :wink:

It’s also recommended to avoid using tags as they are not supported in Reporting and Dashboards!

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