Tagging/Mentioning people in automated comments

Hi there,

I’m working on a project that is highly dependent on automated comments. These automated comments are there to notify someone what they need to do.

  • I’ve created a People column and depending on the task, I’ll assign multiple people.

  • The people in this column need to be mentioned in an automated comment on the task

  • The automated comment is working, but the problem is that the people mentioned in the task are not receiving any notification. Not via email nor in their Asana inbox. They only receive a notification when I manually mention them. They already have their mention notifications per email and on the Asana platform enabled in their settings, but they are still not receiving a notification of the automated comment.

Did anyone run into a similar issue? If so, how did you solve it?

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Hi @Jay_Pelupessy welcome to the forum. Are they collaborators? The people custom field does not mean they automatically get notifications on that task i believe

Hi Danielle, they are collaborators because I’ve shared the project with them and they have editing rights. Are you saying people in a custom field cannot receive automated messages?

Hi @Jay_Pelupessy correct, they would need to be collaborators or be @mentioned in a rule