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I add tags to my items on my task board so I know what month an enquiry has come in. It is really frustrating that I can’t search and find tags that are just from ‘January 2024’ for example and see where the enquiries are.

Seems a simple function that isn’t available?

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Does Advance Search address your need?



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I don’t have the option for Advanced Search, is that on paid packages only? And does it let you choose the specific tag you want to analyse?
How much is a paid account to enable me to do this?

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On the free plan, you can click the tag’s name (which appears as a pill in various places–task detail pane, list view column if you choose to show the Tags columns, etc.) to view a full list of tasks associated with that tag.

Advanced search is only available on a paid plan (any paid plan). You can learn about plans and their cost here:

Scroll down and click Compare all features for a good list/comparison.

Note that there’s a two-seat minimum and prices are quoted per seat, so double them.

If you happen to be a nonprofit, you often qualify for 50% off.

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